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In total we have 94 Churches, 20 Parishes, and 7 Deaneries in the Diocese - staffed by 22 resident clergy.

We also have diocesan clergy in the USA through our concordat with the Anglican Mission International, including Mch. Bob Kelley in South Carolina and Mch. Don Curran in Florida.


Our parishes are located throughout the Biharamulo region. Find the parish nearest you!

Biharamulo Cathedral

Bwengabo Parish

Buseresere Parish

Buziku Parish

Buzirayombo Parish

Bwanga Parish

Chato Parish

Igarula Parish

Katahoka Parish

Katoke Parish

Kitwechembogo Parish

Lusahunga Parish

Makurugusi Parish

Muganza Parish

Mwendakulima Parish

Nyakanazi Parish

Nyakahura Parish

Nyantimba Parish

Runazi Parish


Biharamulo Cathedral

Chato Deanery

Buseresere Deanery

Bwanga Deanery

Runazi Deanery

Nyakanazi Deanery

Katoke Denaery

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