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Uongozi wa Dayosisi



I am delighted to welcome and introduce our honored visitors to this improved version of our website of the Diocese of Biharamulo.  As the Diocese, we have a lot that we can share with our partners, friends of the church and visitors to this site in general.


The Diocese of Biharamulo is one of the 28 dioceses of the Anglican Church of Tanzania. The Diocese of Biharamulo was inaugurated on June 25th 2017, and was formed out of the adjacent mother Diocese of Kagera. Biharamulo Diocese is located in the north-western part of Tanzania on the southwest side of Lake Victoria. The weather in general is delightfully mild (cooler during the wet season of November to June) and a little warmer during the dry season, June to September.

The Diocese of Biharamulo is a new diocese characterized by missionary zeal, with many activities that need to be shared and seen as witnesses to the ministry of the Church. Our vision as a Diocese is to be “Christ Centered” - where Jesus is the centre of everything we do. Our passion is for mission, to serve the Church and the community in a holistic way (physically, spiritually and mentally). 


As the Diocesan Bishop, along with the Diocese at large, we encourage our partners and friends to watch this website to become informed of the activities and events taking place here.  Visitors are encouraged to give their comments via the contact page for the edification and encouragement of our ministry here.  We look forward to welcoming you to Biharamulo physically (by visiting us) or electronically by the internet - and are honored to build bridges between us and to network together.

Diocesan General Secretary
Diocesan Education Department
The main objectives of the Department of Education involves training Pastors and Lay ministers, as well as sponsoring educational seminars. Having trained ministers is critical for the strength of the Diocese, providing the foundation for church growth and planting of new churches. In addition to this religious training, the department intends to develop educational Institutions including a nursery School, primary school, and a secondary school. We consider this a top priority for our new diocese. We welcome all you friends who would like to partner with us in Education to promote and equip a broad range of skills in the Biharamulo community.
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